Part of my latest Birmingham Mail column

So what have we learned so far about the championship that we didn’t already know? Nothing as far as I am concerned. We already knew that without argument it is the toughest league on the planet, maybe not in terms of quality but certainly in terms of relentlessly tough games week in and week out. The £100’000’000 plus prize money for promotion makes it a dog eat dog league with no quarter asked expected or given.

 It will be a long hard season for all our teams in the Championship yet with just 3/4 games played some supporters are getting angry and judgemental about the whole season when the teams have not settled and in some case have not finished bringing in new players. That is in my opinion like looking at the league table pretty much a waste of time.

Pre-season big spenders like Stoke and fancied teams like Derby are struggling to get going but will more than likely be there or there abouts’ come May.

I believe it’s important to us as fans not to get too carried away with a win and not to get to down with a defeat. Of course enjoy any win and be unhappy with any defeat however, to forecast the season ahead based on the one win or loss will only increase your stress levels and as if they are not high enough anyway.

However the life of a football fans seems to be permanently stressful be they winning and chasing promotion or losing and fighting the drop.

Nobody knows who will win promotion although we all have opinions on who will do it. The only thing certain is that at 20 of the 24 teams have been in the Premier League and will fancy their chances of getting there again. That is why every game is tough and why the league is the toughest.

No one will run away with the league in my opinion. It could just be the closest run season yet with many teams being in the automatic and playoff places and changing frequently right down to the wire.

It is going to be exciting, emotional and yes stressful for us all.