It was more than interesting to hear a former player talking about West Ham showing James Collins no respect by telling him he was not getting a new deal at the club by e mail.

Now I agree this is no way to do it and you should always look someone in the face when you are telling them bad news.

However to hear footballers talk about respect when most don’t respect their clubs, their team mates of even the clubs fans makes me cringe.

As soon as there is a sniff of more money, and despite being under contract, they begin a campaign to weasel their way out of clubs. That shows scant respect for their club or their own integrity as they were more than happy to sign the contract in good faith.

As we have seen at Chelsea players can just down tools and get managers the sack where is the respect in that?

People say that’s the “game” today and yes I understand that even though I don’t necessarily agree with it.

Players also cheat each other, supporters, and referees while spending 90 minutes trying to win penalties and get opposition players sent off-yes I know that’s the game today!! But for the love of God will someone please tell me where the respect in in that behaviour.

So when ex-players and ex-managers start bleating about players not been shown respect pot kettle and black springs to mind.