Votes on anything be it best restaurant, favourite breed of dog or player of the season are subjective and end up being all about personal opinion. You know the saying “one man’s meat is another man’s poison”. However I find it hard to understand how Wolves midfielder is not the EFL Championship player of the season. He has been far and away the stand out player in the competition having played 39 games scoring 6 goals. However it his influence on the team and he has done more than any other player to steer Wolves to the title and into the Premier League. He is Wolves orchestra leader the one that glues it all together and makes them tick in my opinion.

It is perfectly understandable how a lot of attention has also been on Fulham’s 17 year old sensation Ryan Sessegnon who has played 43 games scoring 14 goals. And yes I can see the two players would be the two uppermost in everyone’s mind when it comes to end of season awards. He is a major talent and looks set for a very successful career at club and international level.

Yes there are arguments for both players but I am not just looking at ability but the way they influence the team’s performances and success.

Many think that Tom Cairney has been a bigger influence on the Fulham team’s great results over the season although he is not as pleasing on the eye and as exciting or individualistic as Sessegnon is.

It appears it was a three horse race between Ruben Neves, Ryan Sessegnon and Tom Cairney for the EFL Player of the season award and yet Cairney surprisingly did not make the EFL team of the season although rightly so Neves did- You couldn’t make it up.

By the way Ryan Sessegnon is in the short list for the PFA Young Player of the season and so is 24 year old Harry Kane but 21 year old Neves isn’t?

I speak to many people in the game and they all say without doubt that Neves is the best player in the Championship so how he has not won the EFL Player of the Season award beggars’ belief.