Christiano Ronaldo’s spectacular overhead kick against Juventus was absolutely brilliant and definitely world class but was it the best ever as lots of excited journalists seem to be saying? Not in my opinion as the hype surrounding the modern game seems to blot out and affect the memory of many people. Just to be absolutely clear I think Ronaldo’s goal was up there with the best but I have seen quite a few that stand alongside it and some that just better it.

However some were not scored in such high profile competitions as the Champions League while some were before we were sucked in to the Hype surrounding the Premier league and Champions League.

There have been quite a few brilliant overhead kick goals that are just as good as Ronaldo’s albeit many not in such a high profile competition as the Champions League.

Many will remember Trevor Sinclair’s stunning bicycle kick against Barnsley in 1997 in the FA Cup. By the way he also scored another awesome overhead kick against Derby 4 years later.

Another amazing overhead kick came from Zlatan Ibrahimovic sadly against England just 5 years ago. Not only was it technically brilliant but it was from around 40 yards out and well wide of the goal making it even more difficult to score from.

What about Wayne Rooney’s magnificent effort against Manchester City in 2011- that was as good as it gets. I am sure Liverpool fans are still drooling about Emre Can’s sublime overhead striker against Watford just a year ago.

While not forgetting Andy Carrols superb effort against Crystal Palace in 2017.

However for me probably the best overhead goal of all time came from Manuel Negrete- certainly it was the best in terms of technical ability and awareness. He scored it for his club side Unam in 1984. Writing about it does not really do it justice you need to watch it on “You Tube”. He brings a cross down on his chest before flicking it over head of defender, then again he uses chest to set up before completing the fantastic move with a marvellous overhead kick.

And of course we mustn’t forget John Gayle’s memorable Wembley strike for Blues in the Leyland Daf final. True it was not a major competition but that should not lessen the quality of the overhead kick and the skill needed to perform it.

I am sure we all have examples of great overhead kicks and it’s a technique that only a few can master. They are all great in lots of ways from importance of the game down to the execution of the technique.

For most of us football wannabes we can only admire the athleticism and ability that all of these goals display. However just because the latest one was scored by one of the all-time greats in Ronaldo and was in the champions league does not make it the greatest  ever- just a world class finish among many world class bicycle kick finishes we have been fortunate to witness.