The Premier League is where all our clubs supporters want to be. Not for financial reasons because it’s the place where your team can test itself against the big money clubs. And of course your club’s profile is instantly increased just by being in the PL.

When a club gets relegated to the championship pre match press conferences are usually attended by around 4 journalists and they are the local guys. However if you are in the PL the pre match pressers can see around 20 plus and lots more if you are playing clubs such as Man Utd or Man City.

But sometimes the hyped PL game is far better than the actual ninety minutes. I have watched some poor Premier League games despite all the hype from those with a vested interest. Having said that I have also watch some fantastic ones.

At the weekend I watched the Man City v Chelsea and was bored to death especially when Man City’s defenders decided to exclude everyone else from the game and passed it back and forwards to each other. That’s OK by me if that is what you have to do to see out the game and take the points. But please don’t try and persuade me it was wonderful. In fact defending Champions Chelsea didn’t even have a shot in the first 45 minutes.

I am not criticising Man City as they have been amazing, very entertaining and wonderful to watch this season and so should they be with an investment in the team of around 800 million pounds. Apparently they broke a record for passes in a game-902. Who cares is that what the game is about- or is it about penalty box excitement and winning. Man City won and for that should get lots of credit but don’t try and convince me that it was wonderful. It did not live up to the pre match hype.  

I well remember in 2015 in the FA Cup Premier League Villa played bottom of the Championship Blackpool and it was a miserable game but Villa won 1-0 with a goal two minutes from time. After the game Paul Lambert laboured the point that they had created a record for passes in one game? Nobody cared then and nobody cares now, all that matters is the result.

My point is that there are lots of poor games in the PL and yet it is hyped to death as the be all and end all of football. While there are some fantastically exciting games in the Championship and yet they get little publicity because all the focus is on the Football Bank of England League otherwise known as the Premier League.

It won’t change while billions of pounds are ploughed into the Premier League by TV and that isn’t about to end anytime soon.