UEFA have made changes to their rules on substitutions for all Champions League and Europa League games. From next season all European games will be allowed to use a 4th substitute but only during extra time.

Instead of the seven substitutes currently allowed clubs will be allowed 12 substitutes for the Champions League and Europa League finals from next season. UEFA say this will give coaches more flexibility and allow them to manage the squad better for what they is the most important of fixtures?

I would humbly suggest that a Baggies or Blues game that would save them from relegation or a Villa game that would guarantee promotion is just as important to the clubs involved?

UEFA are only concerned about their own competitions and let’s be fair it is not going to affect any of our clubs any time soon.

However I wonder if we could see these changes possibly applied in the Premier League? I am sure PL coaches and managers would see this as a way of easing the pressure they have on them when it comes to leaving out top players. If it ever did happen managers and coaches would be able to involve virtually all their first team squad in games thus ensuring no one feels “left out”. No unhappy millionaire footballers for managers to have around the dressing room. My heart bleeds for them.

Hopefully it never filters down to league football.