Barring a football miracle West Brom looked doomed to relegation from the Premier League to the championship which will be a blow not only for their loyal supporters but also for West Midland’s football as we want more teams in the Premier league; not less.

With eight games to go they are 8 points away from safety, that’s nine points if you take into account their dismal goal difference?

Sure there are 24 points to play for but I cannot see anything changing that convinces me they not only can they win enough games but that the other teams around them will not pick up points. If Albion won 4 of the remaining eight games it would still mean West Ham, Southampton, Palace and Stoke to virtually lose every game. I am a half glass full sort of person but I have to admit it’s looking decidedly grim.

Who is to blame? Everyone has different opinions, some say Tony Pulis, others say Alan Pardew, and lots say the owners/directors while some lay the blame at the players.

I am sure it’s a combination of all those elements but I also think when a team scores so few goals you have to look at recruitment. Did the managers get the players they wanted or the players the recruitment department sourced based on the club parameters of wages and transfer fees? I don’t know the answer to that but it is something that should be considered when looking at the reasons why if and when relegation happens.