Former England and Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has been the subject on all media outlets as well as sending social media platforms into meltdown. Film of him spitting at a man and his daughter went viral and has resulted in him being suspended from his role as a TV pundit.

Let’s make no bones about it what he did was absolutely disgusting and, in my opinion, is one of the worst anti-social things anyone can do to another human being.

I was not there but it appears that he was goaded about the Manchester United defeat of Jamie’s old club Liverpool.

With his money and profile he should have been big enough to laugh it off and just smile and drive on without responding. At worst banter along with them after all it’s a game of football. However in spitting he crossed the line and can have no complaints about being dropped by TV. If someone had spit at him during a game he would expect the referee to send that person off the pitch. Sky have done just that in giving him a red card. Jamie has shamed himself, his family and SKY with his actions and I understand he is embarrassed and remorseful for what he did and so he should be.

But there are always two sides to any story and the man doing the goading and filming was not innocent either although let’s be clear about it two wrongs do not make a right and certainly does not absolve Jamie Carragher in any way.

However this man was certainly not acting as a good role model for his daughter and it seems he eventually saw the spitting incident as a way of making a few quid from the newspapers shame on him for that.

Also filming while driving was dangerous and should see him prosecuted as he not only endangered himself and his daughter but also other road users.

All in all it was a very unsavoury incident and I wonder if this man would have goaded Liverpool fans the way he is supposed to have done to Carragher or did he see the

ex-footballer as an easy target?