It is not often I get angry as a boxing fan the Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor event being top of the “Boxing” bill in Las Vegas left me fuming. Mainly because it was not genuine boxing but more a circus act, albeit entertaining, for those who paid fortunes to see it live or watch it on TV-they were in my opinion mugged off.

I get it was massive in financial terms but how was it top of the bill when Nathan Cleverly’s genuine World title fight was second? Boxing and the authorities who sanctioned it should be ashamed of themselves.

Mayweather has been a great boxer and champion and his record of 49 and 0 is remarkable but if he honestly believes he is the new record holder beating Rocky Marciano’s record 49-0 record he is mistaken certainly in the eyes of genuine boxing fans.

As for McGregor’s pre-fight screeching and screaming nonsense! Don’t kid yourself that it was just to sell tickets. In my opinion to be that nasty and arrogant with the “I will finish him in 2nd, 3rd, or 4th round” attitude made me ashamed for the sport and made me want to see him get taught a lesson and he was.

He was breathing out of his backside after a few rounds a sign, many pro boxers tell me, of not enough work on the “bags”. Was he fit enough? Did he genuinely believe he won first six rounds? Perhaps he will change his opinion when he has watched it back.

True he is tough fit and courageous but he was also classless post fight by saying it was stopped too early when it was clear it was stopped to prevent him taking more punishment and for his own well-being after being “schooled” by Mayweather. However in UFC he was always respectful to his opponents after defeat

Having said all that were they to fight under MMA/UFC rules then in my opinion McGregor would win convincingly. They are different sports albeit strength fitness and courage being the requirements for both.

I would love to see McGregor fight on a UBADD “BKB” bill although I suspect there would not be enough money to tempt him. Hopefully BKB Top promoters Joe Brown and Jim freeman will ask the question and try to persuade him to fight on their Wembley bill next year.

Now next month there is a real genuine 100% great boxing match in Vegas when the undefeated unified world middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin takes on Canelo Álvarez who’s only defeat by the way was to Floyd Mayweather. I would not miss this fight for anything and if Golovkin, who is 37-0 goes on to beat Mayweather’s new artificial record then I and millions of boxing fans will be delighted.