It is not often I am pleasantly surprised by football clubs and football people when it comes to how they treat their fans but I was left gobsmacked by Wolves this weekend. The chairman Jeff Shi and Managing Director Laurie Dalrymple went to a pub near Griffin Park where Wolves were playing Brentford and invited all travelling supporters to pop in for a chat and a drink which they paid for.

This is the perfect definition of engaging with the fans and I know some cynics will say it was just a publicity stunt but I am not buying that. If it was just publicity they were after they could have arranged for staff members to hand out free scarves to the fans. This was a chance for the supporters to speak directly to the two top men. Of course they were not giving away any information on possible signings etc., but they stayed and chatted and posed for photographs but more importantly it said to the fans that they recognise the importance of the supporters. Well done Wolves.

Other clubs have paid for coach travel for supporters which is also brilliant but to actually go and meet the fans and share a drink at a pub on an away match day is another level on engagement and interaction.