Well I am glad that’s over! What am I on about? The ten weeks without any competitive domestic football, that’s what! I just cannot wait for the season to start and here we are just a few days away from the EFL kick off and ten away from the start of the Premier League.

Most of the summer has been about how many signings our favourite club will make and how much will they spend and we have that until the end of the silly season-August 31st.

I may be old school or just old but I find it incredible that anyone would pay 75 million pounds for a footballer. It is beyond a joke and before those apologists start talking about market forces I would say that those market forces are driven by greedy agents and players who can only see £s or hear “kerching” as they tout their wares.

However the game is and has always been about players and the better the players the better the chance of success. When I say better players I am not talking about those who can to flicks tricks drag backs and step overs but those who make a difference and balance to the team. So like everyone else I am waiting for news of new signings and sometimes you have to improve your squad just to stand still. But to have any real chance to achieve the managers and fans expectations you have to add genuine quality as many of the clubs in both divisions have. However it’s not just about how much you spend but how wisely you spend it. How wisely our clubs have spent will become apparent as the season progresses.

This year the championship will in my opinion be the toughest ever with automatic promotion a massive ask for any of our clubs while reaching the playoff places will also be tough and will need a good start and consistency. The key though is goals and you cannot have enough goal-scorers in your team. These days we talk about strikers who just don’t score convert enough chances-but that is the difference between strikers and goal-scorers-goal-scorers do!

Villa and Wolves have invested heavily in their squads signalling their intention to be among the promotion front runners. It appears from the outside that Blues boss Harry Redknapp is finding it tough to bring in the sort of player he knows the squad needs to put them ina challenging position. What I like about the Blues boss is that he has made it clear what he needs to achieve a top six finish. He gave the owners a list of players and said get them and I will finish in the top six- don’t and we won’t.