Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho’s rant about the way West Bromwich Albion played at Old Trafford in Saturdays 0-0 draw shows just how childishly petulant he can be when things don’t go his way. He also tried to belittle the interviewer whose first question may not have been the best but in his defence he was basing his question on the result.

I am sure Jose’s rant was based on the fact that his team had 75% possession and outshot the Baggies but it is a results based industry not a statistics based one and of course the result was one point each. Jose has rightly earned his place among the management greats with the trophies he’s won however he is not the pope-he is not infallible believe it or not.

So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and get it straight Jose: your Manchester United side were unable to break down a resilient West Bromwich Albion defence over 90 minutes and somehow that is West Brom’s fault? What on earth were the baggies supposed to do? Stand aside and play in a way that would let you win?

It is not anyone’s fault but you and your teams. I would suggest that the fact you did have 75% possession and more shots on goal is a reason for ranting about your players’ inability to turn that into a win-not ranting about the opposition.

Albion asked questions of your team and your team failed to answer those questions and not for the first time this season and that is why your team have dropped 19 points at home. That is more than Chelsea, Spurs, Liverpool, and Manchester City and if you wonder why you are not in the top four-the answer is right there staring you in the face. United have a great squad of talented players and yet have drawn eight times at Old Trafford so perhaps it’s time to have a look at yourself Jose and stop defending your players or more importantly stop letting your players hide behind you.

There are two parts to this great game of football attacking and defending. Both are important. I get that Jose is unhappy at drawing but all I am pointing out is that he shouldn’t be blaming West Brom and that he and his players should look in the mirror.

The self-styled special one has drawn 8 home games and perhaps you should be humble enough to change your tactics to suit who you are playing rather than arrogantly just keep on playing the same way.

I am sure most Baggies fans agree that it was a hard earned point but nonetheless a great point for Tony Pulis’s team that they should be given credit for and certainly not criticised for.