The fear of relegation looms over Blues as they go into a vital game on Saturday at home to Huddersfield. Just two points above the relegation trapdoor with two games to go. What worries me most is the abysmal goal difference of minus 21 which is much worse than any other club in the Championship survival dogfight. I hope it does not end up being the difference between disaster and survival because Blues would be in deep trouble.

There are other clubs who are not out of the mire yet but it looks like a straight fight between Blackburn, Nottingham Forest and Blues to see who stays and who drops.

I remember the last time they dropped into the third division (League 1) and that was under the manager ship of Barry Fry. The road back was amazing and ended up with them clinching promotion with a 2-1 win at Huddersfield.

It’s just another of those quirky football things that Blues had to beat Huddersfield to win promotion and this Saturday they have to beat Huddersfield for an entirely different reason and that is to all but guarantee Championship safety. I am certain every single Blues fan would be delighted if they get the same result; a 2-1 win.

What has been most galling is the lack of goals and that has been a key factor in them slipping towards the relegation zone. In fact Brighton have scored more at home than Blues have scored in total home and away so far this season.

Whatever the rights and wrongs of the Gary Rowett sacking one thing stands out like a sore thumb. In 21 league games Blues scored 26 goals conceding 27 while in the following 23 games they scored 16 and let in 37. So there is no surprise the team is battling for its Championship life.

I am hoping Aston Villa do Blues a massive favour by beating Blackburn at Ewood Park. But for that to really ease the pressure Blues have to help themselves and win on Saturday. As my old boss Tony Butler would say time to get the prayer mats out.

Not sure anyone could stand the stress and pressure of it going down to the last game.

I just can’t get my head around those who would rather see their neighbours relegated? I love all derby games and the pre match build up and after match debate. What on earth would we all have to talk about in the pubs, clubs, factories and offices during the season? Would you not miss that I know I would.