Whether Gianfranco Zola ends up being a good manager or not for Blues one thing is for certain I am sure many would agree he is one of the unluckiest although some Blues fans would argue with his run of results he is lucky to still be in a job.

The fact that the referee rang him and apologised for disallowing a perfectly good goal against Derby (that would in all likelihood have changed the result in Blues favour) was little consolation for the likeable Italian, the players or the fans. That incident just reinforces the argument for video replays to aid the officials. However it is not bad luck that has seen them fall into the relegation mix but a combination of poor defending and poor finishing have played a part.

Earlier this week the clubs directors ended all the speculation about his future as Blues boss when they announced that he was staying with their full support. To be honest that has been their stance from day one.

Anyone watching can see what he is trying to do and at times they have played some super football. However with every point a prisoner in the battle to ensure they stay in the Championship he has decided to play a packed midfield defensive system in recent games. That earned points at home to Newcastle, away at Cardiff and at Ipswich.

He has also said in interviews that he will not be playing that way next season when he has a number of new players in the squad that will be more accomplished to play the way he want and he will have a pre-season to work with the them.

He knows and accepts that the board have been extremely patient with him and that he would have been sacked at many other clubs with his low win % ratio. However I suspect that they probably realise that it was the wrong time to make a management change and want to give the likeable Italian a new season to show what he can do.

However it is a results business and he will have to have Blues challenging next year in a division that promises to be even tougher than it has been this season. There can be no run of poor results like the one the club are experiencing at this time with no excuses or reasons acceptable and they must be in the mix for the playoffs. I am sure the board will have made that clear to Gianfranco while I am equally sure that he will fully understand and accept the pressure that will be constant and in line with the expectation of the club and its fans.