The relegation pendulum in the championship has once again swung with Blues now cautiously looking over their shoulder alongside Wolves both 5 points above the relegation trapdoor.

It’s fair to say that bottom club Rotherham all but down while second bottom Wigan who are eleven points behind Blues and Wolves have what looks like a real tough run in with games against Brighton, Leeds, Cardiff and Reading.

So on the face of it, it looks like a royal battle between Burton, Blackburn, Nottingham Forest and Bristol City to escape that third relegation place. Blues Wolves and Ipswich are definitely not out of the wood but must be considered outsiders to be relegated. But of course that can change in one weekend.





With Wolves and Villa both having to play Blackburn they can and will have a big say in who does eventually go down to League One. If they were both to win it would go a long way to ensuring that Wolves and Blues live to fight another Championship day.

One thing is certain this is no good for the heart and blood pressure and all three, Villa, Wolves and Blues need to ensure that next season they are prepared and ready to mount a challenge for promotion and without doubt have to be in and around the top places and most definitely not worrying about relegation like they have been this most frustrating of seasons.

Villa can start planning now for their promotion push while Blues and Wolves must start the minute that survival is guaranteed.

On the face of it all of them will need more investment in better players or risk getting left behind as it is absolutely certain that with each passing season it will become even more difficult to get into the Premier league.

Perhaps first they need to ask themselves what the recipe is for winning promotion out of this toughest of leagues. Once you know the recipe you can then go and get the ingredients that will blend and cook together ensuring you rise and not fall flat. To get the ingredients without knowing the recipe is indeed a recipe for failure.