Whatever the situation the game of football has always been and will always be about winning. The reality is that everything else is secondary to the result and therefore that is the yardstick every manager is or should be judged on judged on. So with just two wins, 11 losses and 5 draws in his eighteen games in charge in all competitions Blues boss Gianfranco Zola is understandably coming under increasing scrutiny and criticism from the supporters and I am sure his bosses at the club.

Not many managers take over a team that is doing well! Most take over teams that are struggling so the only way is up. However the major issue for me is that the new manager was hired to change the way the team play to a more attractive style. But whatever way you play the game the important thing is still winning the points. The owners wanted the style of play to be more attractive and that is OK but to change the way any team plays in mid-season was in my opinion asking for trouble. It is not just a question of asking players to play a different way but working with them. Of course there will be players that do not fit that passing attractive way of playing so they have to be replaced again not the easiest of thing to do when appointed with under two weeks to go before the January transfer window opens.

No one knows officially what happened with Gary Rowett but it is clear they fell out for whatever reason. What I cannot understand is why the parting had to come in the middle of the season. Why not wait till the summer? Then surely a manager like Gianfranco would have time to bring in new players to fit the way he wants to play and have time to work with them on his playing philosophies without the pressure of Sat/Tues games?

The decision to replace Gary Rowett mid-season appears to have been a hasty one without much thought to what the potential problems would be for any new manager coming in especially one with instructions to change the playing style. Surely the summer would have been a better time to change managers. By the way I am not saying they should have changed managers just pointing out that the timing of it has been a major problem for the club and I am sure also for Gianfranco Zola.

As I said right at the start winning is all that matters in football so the likeable Italian needs to win games because it will be points and not performance that will keep him in the job.

I would love to see Blues winning by playing stylish attractive passing football but if I can only have one I will take winning over performance all day long.

Speaking to many ex-players they all say to a man that in their experience no manager ever said in the dressing room “go out and entertain” all they ever said was “go and win the game”. As a fan I may be old fashioned but I find winning entertaining. Did Arsenal play more attractive football against Blues in the Carling Cup final? Yes! But who won the cup?