My guest on the Goalzone programme on Made in Birmingham TV earlier this month was former Blues and baggies striker Geoff Horsfield.

Geoff as many know was a laugh a minute man who loved the social side of football but now spends all his time helping the homeless in the area. He has started the Geoff Horsfield Foundation which buys and renovates houses to home those who are living on the streets with the aim to provide quality, safe and secure supported accommodation for vulnerable adults.

The Horse is not just a figurehead but is hands on and does much of the renovating himself. And is on call 24/7 taking calls from agencies who have a homeless person who needs help. Aside from that important role he is also out and about collecting furniture and clothing donations. Geoff is as passionate about this as he ever was about football and he talks knowledgeably about mental illness as this is closely aligned to homelessness.

Geoff deserves great credit for the work he is doing but not only credit but also our thanks for doing something positive and tackling a growing problem in such a fantastic way. Check out the Geoff Horsfield Foundation on Twitter and facebook-well done Geoff.

On Saturday 50 families will be treated to a day out at St Andrews to watch Blues play Queens Park Rangers thanks to the generosity of midfielder Craig Gardner. He has paid out of his own pocket for those fans to come to the game when they probably could not afford to go to as a family.

It’s great to see the other caring side of professional footballers well done to them both-class acts.