So now the truth is out about striker Saido Berahino and why he was not picked to play in any Baggies games at any level. Banned for eight weeks by the FA for taking “recreational drugs” whatever that means.

Given the opportunity to do what any Albion fan would give their right arm for and that is to wear the Navy Blue and White stripes on the Hawthorns pitch.

I hope he wasn’t paid during those eight weeks although I suspect sadly he was. Let’s be blunt he has shown scant respect for a club who gave him his chance and spent a lot of money on developing him. There are lots of tales about him turning up late to training which infuriated lots of his colleagues in the West Brom dressing room.

To be honest he has not been the same players since his failed 20 million pound move to Spurs a couple of years ago.

What really gets to me is that Stoke’s manager and captain are accusing West Brom of leaking the news of the ban to the press?

So let’s get this straight! We won’t criticise the player for taking drugs? We won’t say a famous club like Stoke has zero tolerance to drugs.  Oh No! Let’s just complain that the news is now public! And why shouldn’t it be? Baggies boss Tony Pulis was under scrutiny and pressure week in and week to answer questions about Berahino and to be fair he has always defended him.

Saido has said that Stoke fans “can expect an honest lad” well he and I and I suspect most of us obviously use different definitions of “honest“.