I am guessing that the job Steve Cotterill has on his hands at Blues is a far more difficult one than he ever imagined when he signed his contract despite having worked at the club for a short spell under Harry Redknapp.

I don’t know if Steve Cotterill will be a successful Blues manager or not. However what I do know for absolute certain is that it matters to him. After the defeat to Wolves I saw a passionate angry side of him that convinced me that he is desperate to be successful at the club. But he needs help in January to reshape and better balance his squad. I am lot only talking about the vital need to bring in some genuine quality but also to move some players on. Failure to change things around could, heaven forbid, possibly see the season turn from disappointing to disastrous.

I am aware, like everyone else, that the club has spent a fair amount of money in supporting various managers over the last year. However, in my opinion, the squad looks out of balance and still short in some areas. Midfield is crying out for a player that can make something happen and create chances for the strikers.

To illustrate this Blue dominated large parts of the second half against Wolves but did not test the keeper once in fact they didn’t create a single chance while Wolves created the best chance of the half and had Helder Coster not tried to be too clever he would have scored. So all the possession in the world is a waste of time if there is nothing on the end of it; i.e. chances and goals.

Lots of fans have been saying to me for weeks that there are plenty of games to go and plenty of points to play for. That is absolutely true but the question I would like to know is what is going to change to suddenly turn this Blues squad into a team that is winning regularly?

I hate to appear negative but the fact is that over the last 5 years teams have needed 47 points on average to ensure they stayed in the division. Last season Blackburn were relegated with 51 points.

To get to 47 points Blues have to get 31 points from 26 games and I repeat what is going to change to ensure that happens?

True injuries to key players have not helped the situation, but in my opinion buying a striker is not the answer unless you sign some quality in midfield that will create opportunities for him.

At times in games we have seen a defensive resilience from the team that has been great to watch but in the final analysis it needs some quality to use that resilience as a platform to win games.

The fans have been magnificent with over 4000 making the trip to Fulham-they deserve better. The new CEO Dong Ren has made it clear he and the owners Trillion Trophy Asia want success. That is a positive is that everyone at the club is determined to turn things around. But I reiterate everything starts and ends with the quality of the players and that applies to any club.

It’s a worrying time for everyone connected with the club and there is no hiding place with every point a prisoner between now and the end of the season. Oh and by the way on a personal note a slice of royal blue luck now and then would be greatly appreciated.