It is going to be a nervy stressful 25 games between now and the end of the season for Blues fans as they head into the Christmas period in the bottom three in the championship table and looking likely candidates, according to the bookies, to drop through the trapdoor.

The Championship is a very unforgiving and unsympathetic league with half of them not caring about your plight and the other half laughing because they know it could be one less relegation place to worry about come the end of the season.

Lots has been said about what activity will take place in the January transfer window although Steve Cotterill said in a recent interview that he was not sure if the owners would spend in January although he was sure they would in the Summer window? To be fair to the manager he said he had not had a conversation with them yet.

However I am sure when that conversation does take place they will try to do some business as it is certain to be absolutely crucial in their battle to climb away from the relegation zone.

I desperately hope Steve and the team can fight their way up the table but it’s not them I feel for. My feelings are with the Blues loyal supporters who have had to put up with a lot since winning the Carling Cup.

Relegation from the Premier League

Carson Yeung going to prison

Peter Pannu’s coldness, lack of understanding and disrespectful attitude to the supporters.


New Owners Trillion Trophy Asia

Sacking of Garry Rowett.

4 managers in the space of a year.

Disaster under the likeable Gian Franco Zola

The whirlwind that was Harry Redknapp

Currently Steve Cotterill is the man in charge trying desperately and working hard to change the clubs fortunes on the pitch.

Any feelings about the current plight I have are, with all respect, not with the players or manager although I wish them all the best and hope they win every game. My thoughts are with the fans who continue to turn up week in and week out and give the team great support both at home and away. As in any other club they are the lifeblood and the soul of the club and that should never be forgotten.

One thing is for certain when the manager and players and yes even the owners have moved on the fans and their families will still be turning up in their thousands singing their anthem “Keep Right On”. Most of them I am sure were never told or never realised just how long that road was and how tired and weary they would get. Such is the life of a supporter-you are born one and you will die one. Something most clubs would do well to remember.

Saturday Blues take on struggling Queens Park Rangers who have also yet to win away from home and although I hate saying it with so many games to go it is without doubt a must win game for Steve Cotterill’s men. Defeat is simply unthinkable.

Confidence is such a massive part of the game and it’s also such a fragile thing. This is a time for mentally strong warriors. Does the Blues squad have enough of them-time will tell.