We are only half way through the silly season otherwise known as the transfer window and we are awash with rumours, lies, half-truths and a few truths and they are hard to find among the transfer updates we are fed daily and in some cases hourly by all media outlets.

To be brutally honest I detest the transfer window and all that it entails. It can and often has unsettled a player who believes that a club want’s him because he has read, seen or heard it somewhere when it might not be true.

It’s an opportunity for some agents and players to be at their most devious as they plan a way of making more money elsewhere or forcing their current club to pay them more to stay. If a player is, or thinks he is, wanted by another club will he put in the same effort, will he risk getting hurt and jeopardising the potential move and money?

We know only too well that it happens as players deliberately play badly to force a move or don’t play because they are not in the “right frame of mind”.

It can also quite easily upset a club as fans, managers and directors all wonder if they are about to lose their star players.

Clubs get angry and say that players are “going nowhere and are not for sale at any price” and inevitably the player gets his way and you only have to remember names like Robbie Savage, Dwight Yorke, and Peter Odemwingie to name but a few and to be honest Saido Berahino has not exactly covered himself in glory since his failed big money move to Spurs.

The latest examples of badge kissing, selfish, greedy money grabbing footballers at their worst are West Ham’s Dimitri Payet and Chelsea’s Diego Costa.

Payet’s behaviour is nothing short of obscene and disgraceful. Just a short time after collecting his one million pound “loyalty” bonus and not too long after signing a new five year deal he tells the club he never wants to play for them again and wants to move to Marseille.

Now I have absolutely no problem with him asking West Ham for a move because he could get more money at Marseille or whatever reason he wants to claim. I also have no issue with him refusing to sign a new contract and leaving when his current contract has ended.

However once the club say NO then it’s up to him to get his head down and see out his contract playing to the best of his ability.

If the boot was on the other foot and WHU had decided he was no longer wanted due to loss of form etc. he could just refuse to move and sit there for the length of his contract collecting his wages. So why should it be any different for the club when it comes to a player honouring his contract.

The game is and has been for some time morally bankrupt with the rot setting in from 1992. The sad thing is I cannot see it changing and in fact can only see it getting worse as more money comes into the game be it by TV rights or China.