The summer transfer window closed at 11pm on Wednesday and personally I wish they would close it for good.

However, already people are talking about doing business in the even more ridiculous January transfer window.

So if a player does not get the wages/signing fee he wants in August, he will then wait till January when clubs in danger of relegation are even more likely to panic buy.

Inflated transfer fees and wages are all a consequence of the “transfer window” as is panic buying on this last day as teams agree ridiculous wages and fees just to get a player signed, even if he was not high on their original shopping list.

An alternative is to allow transfers to take place at any time during the season, up to, say, an end of March cut off point.

In my opinion all buying and selling of players should be done in the period between the last day of the season in May and the first day of the new season in August.

Clubs then have around ten weeks to rebuild their squad.

The players you have to start the season with are the ones you have, whatever happens during the season.

However, I suppose the same will occur in terms of increasing demands for transfer fees and wages as the opening day of the season looms and panic sets in, but at least it will be just for the close season.

I don’t know what system will control the inflated wage and transfer fee demands for, let’s be honest, average players.

As Big Ron once said, “you might as well give the game to the players because they have everything else”.

You can almost hear all the agents talking about market forces etc as justification for their obscenely high financial demands.

I believe shutting the January window will help.