I have loved watching the Rio Olympics on the telly and have marvelled and got emotional at Mo Farah, Greg Rutherford, Usain Bolt and the rest.

Team GB did us proud and just shows what can be achieved with the right financial investment in coaching, equipment and facilities that allow athletes to train full time and for that we owe a big debt to the funding from the National Lottery.

They through UK Sport have ploughed multi-millions into ensuring our athletes had the best possible chance of winning medals in Brazil.

However it is clear that the Olympic ideal and Pierre de Coubertin's statement that "The important thing is not to win, but to take part", is now officially dead and buried. There is no place in modern Olympics for the romantic notion that “athletes who tried their best but finished last summed up the Olympic spirit”

Today it is all about winning with funding only really going to those most likely to win a medal and sad though that may be to the true Olympic ideology it’s a fact of life and another symptom of the money mad world we live in.

You only have to look at the Blue ribbon sponsors that pay to be associated with the Olympics and the way the IOC protect their brand and name unless of course you are prepared to pay fortunes to use it.

To be honest I cannot get my head around Golf and Tennis being Olympic Sports especially with such high profile multi-millionaire participants

Perhaps it’s time we changed the name from Olympics and the true meaning of that nameto something like the World Championships, Oh I forgot that already exists.

Still well done to team GB and now I look forward to the Paralympics where the funding for the individual sports governing bodies and the competitors in terms of facilities/coaching etc. is just a fraction of what is spent on the Olympics. However we are guaranteed a GB team that gives everything it can, collectively and individually overcoming hurdles that just might make you or I quit.  Best of luck to all those competing-the whole country will be cheering you on.