Is there nothing the powers that be in football won’t do or try to do to increase revenue?

There has been talk of playing Champions League games at the weekend to increase viewing figures in Asia, which is another way of saying we want more money. Now we hear rumours about playing some of the early qualifiers in Asia?

I understand that the proposed changes are driven by Europe’s biggest clubs particularly those in Spain and Italy.

Not a thought about the fans of not only the Premier League clubs involved but also the supporters of those other Premier League clubs that would have their fixtures changed to mid-week if this crazy idea ever goes ahead.

Baggies fans who want to see their team play away at Man Utd, Leicester, Spurs or Man City could find the game changed to Wednesdays.

If either of these plans see the light of day then the whole Premier League fixture list would have to be changed and possibly the season extended. In my opinion that would also be to the detriment of the FA and EFL Cups.

Our national sport is being eroded by those who have no love for it but they do have a love of money and that is the root of all football evil.

Now China's richest man Wang Jialin, who is worth an estimated 29 billion and owns the Dalian Wanda Leisure Group, wants to launch a breakaway competition that will rival the Champions League and Europa Leagues with possibly the top six English teams qualifying.

This looks from the outside to be part of a bigger plan by China to dominate the game worldwide. It would involve England, Spain, Italy, Germany and France all of whom will be promised increased TV revenues.

Make no mistake about it, Wang Jialin is a serious player in Sport and already owns influential companies around the world including 20 per cent of Atletico Madrid.

He has already held talks with the FAs in Germany and Italy but of course the English clubs would be vital to his plans.

In my opinion it seems that the powers that be are more than happy for the game to be a TV sport with the needs of the fans secondary to the needs of the TV schedulers and financial needs of the clubs.

I wonder just where our game is heading but what I am certain about is that the gap between the game and the fans just keeps on getting wider.

To us football is not a profit making business, but a passionate love affair built on years of family tradition and history.

We need the game back from these soul-less owners who only think about the bottom line, and where everything must have a revenue stream or it’s not worth doing.

A great example is Villa fans being forced to pay £42 pounds for a ticket to watch their team play Sheffield Wednesday at Hillsborough last Sunday . 

That is a scandalously high and obscene ticket price for a Championship game and Wednesday’s owners should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

However around 4,000 Villa supporters paid that price with Wednesday pocketing £168,000 pounds so their owners will be delighted.

I would suggest that our clubs adopt the same pricing policy when Wednesday come to play at Blues, Wolves and Villa, however the only people you are hurting are the Yorkshire clubs fans and it was not their decision to charge away supporters £42 per ticket.

Sadly I think we may be too far down the road for it to change. I wonder how long the genuine terrace supporters will continue to put up with those money obsessed clubs.

I suppose fans will continue to dig deep and pay the prices demanded by clubs especially for away games because we cannot help ourselves, our affinity for our clubs runs deep and usually does until the day we die.