I just love England –Scotland games and they are always hotly contested passionate affairs, as you would expect with this one having the added edge of being a world cup qualifier.

The bookies odds understandably point to an England win however a word of warning because as we all know derby games, and let’s face it this is an international derby, are great levellers with current form relatively unimportant for this ninety minutes anyway.

I and believe many others would love this to be, once again, an annual fixture. Surely there is an argument to have a “Five Nations” tournament adding Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. It could be called the “Sir Bobby Robson Trophy” in honour and memory of a great football man who never forgot what the game was really about supporters and players and certainly not corporate spenders, VIPs etc.

I can already hear the screams of we have too many games already! However I am saying why not scrap the meaningless friendly internationals in favour of this tournament. The biggest problem is that of course the TV money men will be talking about the lack of worldwide appeal when it comes to broadcasting rights revenue. My first thought so what it’s about time we put the needs of the fans before the needs of the TV and money mad people who infest our great game.

However I also think it would open up a new market perhaps. Take the USA for instance most people claim either Irish or Scottish descendency. Many other countries including Australia for example would I am sure be attracted to a “Five Nations” competition. Would they not be more competitive and attractive than some of the dreary international friendlies we have been force fed?

With the European Championship and World Cup qualifiers taking up so much time I am sure there will be lots of shouts of “no time available for a “Five Nations” and there will also be talk of anyone who supports such an idea being small minded and a dinosaur! I believe it could sit alongside the European and World Cup qualifiers.

That may be so but I still believe the supporters would love a competition like this and would come out and support it-but when have the supporters thoughts, views and needs ever been considered by those who run the game?

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