Were you as delighted as I am that the English and Scottish FA’s are to defy FIFA and wear Poppies in the upcoming World Cup international qualifier? I was appalled to watch some faceless woman on TV speaking on behalf of FIFA saying they would not make an exception for England and Scotland to wear the emblem of peace, memory and respect for those that paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

Who the hell are these people to say we should not respect and remember those who paid the ultimate price in two World Wars so that she would have the freedom to stand and spout off.

I see lots of people claiming that FIFA are right and that the poppy is a political statement? Pardon the pun but what a load of poppycock.

The Poppy symbolised is a common weed found in Europe and was the inspiration behind Canadian John McCrae’s poem “In Flanders Fields” It is worn by citizens of many countries to remember those who died in war of all races and creeds. It does not glorify wars but remembers those who died in battle-men who had no choice but to defend not only their country but the world against those who sought to rule it.

If the Poppy has been hijacked by those who want to make political statements then that is NOT the fault of the millions who died in those two dreadful world wars so they would be free to do so.

I must admit to having a vested interest because my Grandad, Sergeant James Ross of the Gordon Highlanders, was killed at the start of WW1 in 1914 at Ypres along with his brother Private Robert Ross (my great uncle). It left my Dad not having the chance to know his Dad and me without the opportunity of knowing or sharing things with my granddad. Over 850,000 died at Ypres.

I understand the view that it should be an individual’s right to decide if he or she wants to wear the poppy, however we are talking about England v Scotland and anyone privileged enough to wear the three lions of England or the single lion of Scotland are not representing themselves but their country.

England against Scotland is the oldest international fixture in the world and it is brilliant in my opinion that they have made a stand against FIFA in memory of those who died for us. Lest We Forget.