Is it just me who does not get these apparent religious or superstitious rituals players have in the modern game?

Some players hop on one leg to get onto the pitch? What’s that all about? While others either bless themselves or look to the heavens after scoring a goal with two fingers pointed skyward? Others kneel down and appear to pray for divine inspiration.

Now I am all for an individual’s right to worship any which way he or she wants to however is the football pitch the place to do it? There is even an argument that suggests it is all for show and more something that is in vogue in the game?

The whole culture of celebrating goals drives me barmy.

Let’s get this right on one hand we have a player scoring a goal and gets so excited he rushes to his clubs supporters to celebrate with them and ridiculously gets himself booked for his trouble or he gets so excited that he takes his shirt off and also finds himself in the referees notebook. Now the whole object and the thing about the game we most love is goals so I find it strange that you can get lost in the moment after scoring a goal that wins a game and yet find yourself in danger of getting sent off!

On the other hand we have goal scorers’ who have stupid and mostly badly choreographed dance routines with a few team mates that can waste time and yet they don’t get booked?

I am not saying either way should be punished by a booking as we have too many red and yellow cards in the game anyway, however there does seem to be an unfairness about it.

I recently watched a game on MOTD and saw one of the most embarrassing sights. A team was on the end of a good beating when they scored what was nothing more than a consolation goal. However the goal scorer launched into a pre-arranged dance calling his team-mates to join in? Just how thick are these players?

The fans are furious with the performance and he is dancing because they scored? What would have impressed the fans was if he had ran and got the ball and raced back to the centre circle to get the game restarted and try for another goal. In my opinion he should be fined. It is yet another example of how many modern day Premier League footballers are so out of touch with their clubs fans.